Salaries in Sweden


Like most places, the salaries here vary greatly depending on your profession, qualifications, experience and from company to company. To give you a rough idea of what to expect, here is a list of the average wage for a number of occupations.


Average monthly salary (SEK)

Professor – 49,600

Assistant professor – 44,200

Doctoral student – 26,800

Personnel and HR specialist – 38,000

Physicist and astronomer – 40,700

Accountant – 37,700

Software and system developer – 39,800

System administrator – 36,800

Other IT specialist – 36,600

Information, communications and PR specialists – 36,400

Laboratory engineer – 29,300

Doctor – 37,600

Civil engineer – 42,000

Source: Statistics Sweden (2014)


You can also find more information on salaries via the various trade unions. In particular, the trade union confederation Saco has good information in English for many professions: Saco – select your profession.

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